Sunday Tea Ceremony

"If you are a storyteller, musician, artist, coach or any big thinking creative individual, this is exactly where you belong! Welcome into the circle."

(Invitation linked below)

Connect and hydrated together.

The Noble Agreements:

  • Brew your favorite tea and sip along!
  • Permission to Facilitate. I Anoah East Wang ask your Permission and Consent to hold this Ceremony
  • Agree to Confidentiality. This is a Safe Space for you to be Vulnerable and Open
  • Mute when you are Listening. Don't worry, your sneezes will still be very much blessed. 
  • Raise hand to speak. This helps keep the dialogue clear and uninterrupted. 
  • Use "I" Statements. We want to hear YOUR STORY. Using "I" Statements show us that YOU take full ownership of YOUR STORY. 

    Example of "I statement":
    I felt grateful today that I had running water and food to eat.
    Example of not "I statement":
    You know you can really help yourself by being grateful and meditating, you know what I mean? Like you know? Yeahhhh.

    • Ask the person you are reflecting on, Permission to share your advice with them.
    • Respond/Show support with kind Gestures and Affirmations.
    • Practice Listening/Witnessing.
    • Refrain from chiming in, let a person have their time to share.
    • I will be recording the Ceremony to save any nuggets of wisdom that steam up. Get in touch with me outside of the ceremony if you have any concerns with being recorded.
    Running time: 1.5hr - 2hr

    Tip for early birds:

    copy/paste this ZOOM link into your notes or calendar 
    reminding you to be here

    Sundays at 6:00PM (PST)

    RIGHT NOW...