Triangle Stone Pot (for wholesale clients)
Triangle Stone Pot (for wholesale clients)

Triangle Stone Pot (for wholesale clients)

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Experience the unparalleled charm of the Triangle stone pot, warmly known as the Pyramid Pot. This remarkable teapot originates from the heart of Master Wang's hometown near Dali, China. Crafted with unwavering dedication by Uncle Wang, a true artisan, the Pyramid Pot redefines the art of tea preparation, especially for roasted oolongs and Puerh teas.

In contrast to ordinary yi xing teapots, the Pyramid Pot not only showcases impeccable craftsmanship but also boasts the unique ability to retain heat exceptionally well. This quality makes it the perfect companion for brewing your favorite roasted oolongs and Puerh teas to perfection, unlocking their fullest flavors and aromas.

The Pyramid Pot Features:

🧘‍♂️ Optimal Tea Flow: The lid of the Pyramid Pot has a vent hole, skillfully designed to optimize the flow of your chosen brew, enhancing your tea-drinking.

🍃 Tea Strainer: Say goodbye to unwanted tea leaves disrupting your tranquil moment. The Pyramid Pot incorporates a built-in spout strainer for a seamless tea experience.

Seize the Opportunity:

Embrace the rich traditions and impeccable craftsmanship embodied in the Pyramid Pot. With limited stock available, secure your very own today.

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